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*I dedicate this post to all my friends and family who seem to be having a bit of a crappy time lately. Don't worry guys, you'll get through this. You've made it this far.

This morning was pretty shit. I didn't get enough sleep, I've been sick all week and every day hassles of life hit me in the face like a bitch. With Dumpling (the awesomely adorable rat pictured above) by my side, I was ready to rant about how annoying and horrible everything is, but two years ago today, many people in Christchurch woke up, got ready for their day and didn't make it home. Two years ago today, Christchurch lost many lives and that is an extremely sobering thought.

I woke up this morning, despite not getting enough sleep, despite being sick all week, despite every day hassles of life hitting me in the face like a bitch. I woke up this morning and because of this I am happy.

Does it seem ridiculous to celebrate something so obviously mundane? It shouldn't. You went to bed last night and assumed on pure faith that you would wake up this morning. You assumed your life would continue and it did. It did! That, to me, is enough to be happy and grateful. That's reason enough to use your day to do something good, something productive, something that makes you smile. That thing you've been wanting to do for weeks? DO IT. Just go do it. You're not dead yet, don't you get it? Don't you understand? Don't you see? You woke up this morning and that means you now have the privilege of time.

Seriously, I get it. I know this is all very optimistic, but why shouldn't it be? (also, I pretty much never write anything happy, so this is a rarity that should be appreciated to a certain degree). Don't give up, not yet. Don't believe that you can't change, that your situation will always be a bad one. Stop worrying about what might or might not happen. Focus on this one thought, just for today: You are not dead.

You and I both woke up this morning. And if that's all we do for the rest of our day? Then that's okay too. That's great. That's fantastic. Because, hey, we are both alive. We made it. And that's a privilege some people do not have.


  1. first of all your rat is so cute and second of all, this was the best thing to read. I think a lot of us forget how lucky we are, thank you for reminding me

  2. YAY something happy haha

  3. this is beautiful