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I don't have anything against the whole Friends With Benefits arrangement. I believe that it can be a mutually awesome agreement if done right. However, we're all human and we're all prone to attaching certain emotions to certain acts and somewhere down the line, there's a very real possibility that one of you will begin to develop feelings for the other. If you're lucky, you'll both fall for each other, but let's be realistic... how often does that actually happen? This isn't a romantic comedy, so don't try and turn it into one. And keep in mind that, despite the fact that the title includes "Friends", you are NOT real friends with each other. You don't have sex with your real friends, do you? There are certain things you can do with friends that would be dangerous doing with your Friend With Benefits unless you want to have a broken heart or some shit. Tread carefully.

Signs That You're Falling For Your Friend With Benefits/Things To Avoid Doing With Your Friend With Benefits:

1. You cuddle. You cuddle before sex, after sex, when sex isn't even an option. You cuddle because you want to cuddle. If you don't want to get attached, I suggest avoiding this as much as possible. AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

2. You've talked about your lives in depth. You've talked about what your dream jobs would be, where you want to live, how many kids you'd like to have, etc, etc. This is completely unnecessary chit chat, the only thing you need to be discussing is (hopefully) how amazing the sex was. Then pack up your shit and go back to your own place. Don't tell them what you want to name your first born child, what is wrong with you?!

3. You kiss for the sake of kissing. You enjoy kissing each other with no desire to rush to the orgasm part.

4. You cook for each other. This is kind of romantic, so stop it before you end up writing sappy poetry for the person. Make them order pizza or something and then make them eat it by themselves in the dark, I dunno.

5. You've held hands. This can be while drunk or sober (in private or in public) and if you're staring into each others eyes at the same time, then you're gonna be in some serious trouble later. HUGE red flag!

6. You get jealous. Or you freak out when they're flirting with someone else. You don't like it when they're spending too much time with someone who isn't you.

7. You think of them when they're not there. And I don't mean in the, "I'm horny, I want them to be here!" kind of way. I mean, you see things that remind you of them or something happens and you want to tell them all about it. They're on your mind so much that your friends start noticing how often you talk about them.

8. You choose them over other things. You'd rather go over and have sex with them (or just spend time with them) than go out partying with your friends or even going on a real date.

9. You have a lot of inside jokes. And you use them often.

10. You seek their approval. You care about what they think of your outfit, want them to notice your new haircut or you do something for the sole purpose of impressing them.

11. You're there for each other. When they're upset, you're the first person to help them out. You care about them to the point that you wish you could hug their problems away. You realize that their other friends could help them out, but you still want to be there for them, regardless of whether or not they need your help.

12. You spend time together NOT having sex. You go watch movies together, have casual strolls in the park, go on lunch dates, etc. You can do this with your regular friends, because it's casual, but it's different with your Friend With Benefits. Sex DOES make a difference, you can't expect to have sex AND casual days spent being in each others company. One of you is bound to fall for the other. You can only have one or the other, not both, stop being greedy.

13. You know too much about them. Ignore the fact that you know what they look like naked, I mean you know the little tiny things about them that other people might not notice. Like their favorite colored M&M, who their favorite teacher was in pre-school or their mother's middle name. UMMM.. What?! You shouldn't know this much about a person you're having casual sex with. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.

14. You've done at least 5 of these thing without even realizing. BOOM! You like your Friend With Benefits.

(however, if you've already fallen for them then this list is of very little use to you. The only thing left to do is either handle the bittersweet pain/joy of being with someone who does not return your feelings OR you back outta that relationship as soon as you possibly can. Don't set yourself up for disaster. Find someone else who will give you amazing sex AND like you for who you are. Or, you know, buy a cat)


  1. fuck this is funny

  2. This is so true. I'm in tears

  3. Check, check, check, check... crap, I'm in love.

  4. well god damn it! apparently i suck at being a fwb...

  5. I guess the feelings between him &I are quite mutual then LoL This was cool. :) (❤)

  6. Yup...my fwb and I are definately falling for eachother....oops...now what???

  7. shit!...i better leave him as soon as possible

  8. Damn...we falling.

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  10. Yeah I'm definitely in trouble...Maybe I should get out now :(

  11. .........I always cuddle with him... and I dont know if he feels the same... i really dont, and iwant to know so badly

  12. Damn. What about the deal now. Fuck I may be falling in love. Uuugghhh!!!

  13. Noooo !! Need to gap the scene asap :(