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Spent a wonderful day with some friends at Lake Tekapo and the following happened:

1. Forced myself to sleep because I felt car sick.
2. Got chased around by some bees.
3. Probably got waaaaaay too tan, but whatever.
4. Probably annoyed waaaay too many people at the hot pools.
5. Probably ate waaaaay too much junk food.
6. Practiced my German with a friend. It was probably terrible.
7. Tried guessing the nationality of the "life guard" at the hot pools. He was Italian.
8. Finally met someone who had never had a burrito or taco in his life. Like, WHAT THE HELL.
9. Stopped being pessimistic for, like, 5 minutes. Then went back to being pessimistic, just to keep the balance.
10. Looked at a lot of trees and, at one stage, wondered what I might look like if I were a tree.
11. Did a lot of weird squats in an empty carpark. My thighs are not sore this morning, thank God.
12. Cleared my head of all the shit that's been in there. THANK FREAKING GOD.
13. Skipped stones. One of my friends managed to skip a stone 7 times, which I found impressive.
14. Had a generally nice time.

Oh, and Happy Easter.

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  1. looks like you had such a fun time :)