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Sooooooo... University started up again for me about 3 weeks ago and I feel like I've done literally nothing. This is probably because I've done literally nothing. I must have left all motivation and determination behind somewhere between Thailand and New Zealand. It's floating around aimlessly in the Pacific Ocean so if you happen to come across it, please return it to Macy D. Santo Domingo asap. I'll be needing it if I have any hope of studying productively.

The Highs:
1. My friends surprised me with a giant teddy bear and a ticket to go see Aerosmith (I'm kind of maybe super obsessed) perform in Dunedin as a belated birthday present. Like, holy fucking shit, right? I still can't believe it. I am so FREAAAAAKING happy and excited and blessed to have the most amazing people in my life.
2. This picture. If you need a pick me up, definitely have a look at this. Especially if you like bears and/or lions and tigers.
3. Having dinner with one of my closest friends who I no longer get to see so often now that she's moved campus.
4. Getting to know some of my flatmates better and realizing just how much fun they are. Also, they eat everything I bake and I bake a lot, so that's a plus too.
5. Rediscovering how usefully awesome Skype can be. Being able to talk to my friends all over the globe, despite the sometimes inconvenient time differences, is pretty cool.
6. Ellie Goulding's album Halycon. I've been listening to this shit non-stop for about 2 weeks.
7. Haruki Murakami's novel 1Q84. I highly recommend giving this a read.
8. Battle Royale, also known as Batoru Rowaiaru. It's basically the original Japanese version of the ever so popular Hunger Games, except there's more blood, it's a lot more messed up and a lot more interesting. If you're into messed up, slightly sickening Japanese movies/novels, have a look at this, seriously.
9. Having the inspiration to write a lot. And this never happens, so it's a rarity I wish to milk the fuck out of. This doesn't necessarily mean that what I've written has been particularly good, but at least I'm writing something, right? Right?!
10. Just having amazing people in my life who I sometimes fail to appreciate. I can honestly say that I don't deserve any of them, but I'm glad they stick around anyway. High five to those guys, man.
11. My one and only study session in the library. I was kind of semi-productive, which is better than nothing. Heh.
12. Oh, and only 107 days left till I head off to Germany.

The Lows:
1. Being sick. Throwing up, tummy aches, headaches, general crappiness. I'm over it and I hope it ends soon.
2. Having my friend's van towed without my knowledge and having to locate and retrieve it. Thank God for my flatmates who helped me out but, my God, soooo frustrating. I also managed to get grease stains all over my favorite jumper in the process, which I am still bitter about.
3. Craving meat but being vegetarian. Honestly, WHY.
4. This current feeling of strange isolation. I mean, I'm in a flat full of people (6, to be more precise) and I still feel pretty alone most of the time. Usually I don't mind this, but right now it's definitely bringing me down.
5. My general lack of motivation. I mean, my room still hasn't been fully unpacked and I moved in at the end of January. It's becoming pathetic.
6. Some of the people in my Linguistics course are full on stupid. It's just like, shut up if you're not going to say anything relevant to the course and/or isn't funny and/or interesting. I want to sit there, take down my notes, then get the fuck out because you make me feel like getting my drivers license, buying a car, then driving myself off the edge of the highest cliff seriously.
7. I've been living the life of an insomniac for about 2 weeks now and I really just want to be able to get a decent nights sleep already.

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  1. You're a wise lady. Love the advice for your twenties. Shall be revisiting that regularly...