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The Highs:
1. I have a three week holiday ahead of me. Awwwww yiss!
2. GETTING PROPER SLEEP FOR TWO CONSECUTIVE DAYS. You don't know how amazing this is.
3. Game of Thrones Season 3. Nuff said.
4. The trip to Lake Tekapo.
5. Study dates with friends.
6. Receiving a postcard from my cousin in Auckland. She's the bomb diggidy.
7. Forcing my friends/flatmates to go to the gym with me and eat healthy despite them not wanting to/being hungover. I'm so, so proud of them, but they probably hate me now ;)
8. My flatmate bought me an Easter egg at the exact moment I was craving chocolate. It was actually perfect timing and I love him for it.
9. Watching my flatmates cook curry in a pressure cooker (see above photo).
10. Watching my flatmate wear my clothes. By the end of the night, he really started to like wearing my skirt. It was almost scary.
11. Getting those kickass mini donuts from the Winter Wonderland Market at uni.
12. Everyone who reads this blog. I got over 1000 hits in 2 days and that is pretty cool.
13. Talking to my friends from Vienna and Boston. They don't even realize how happy our little conversations made me.
14. Bumping into a friend who I don't get to see often and getting major cuddles.
15. The sleeping pills my doctor gave me.
16. 82 days till Germany.

The Lows:
1. The nurse injecting B12 into my arm so fast that it was super painful.
2. My Linguistics exam.
3. One particular Skype conversation with my Father.
4. Some people who shall not be named. Honestly, FUCK YOU for being downright shitty people. FUUUUUUUUCK YOUUUUUUU.
5. How messy my room currently is.
6. My general low level of self-esteem at the moment. Seriously, what the hell. Just stop already.
7. The amount of money I've spent this week.
8. The face Daryl makes at the end of ep16 (The Walking Dead). Holy hell, I just wanted to hug his little hillbilly face and make him stop crying. Ugh, he's so freaking adorably cute..
9. My lack of self-control when it comes to certain bad habits.

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