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Made it to Germany in one piece! Been here for nearly 2 whole days and I'm still pretty exhausted from the flights. The combination of jetlag and having to speak German is certainly tiring out my brain in the most hilarious way, but being able to come back "home" to my host family after 4 years apart definitely makes up for it.

Germany thus far:

1. There are some Bavarian words that I simply cannot get my head or tongue around.

2. My host family's house smells like wood, fresh bread and Christmas morning and it is seriously the most intoxicating smell on the planet. I literally walk in and out of the dining room just so I can smell it over and over again. They don't know I do this, and that's good, because I probably look like a crazy person.

3. Traveling with someone who doesn't speak a word of German means that I'm having to do all the talking and sometimes it feels like my head might explode from the sheer overload of German/Bavarian. It's fun though, so I don't mind.

4. Why does no one talk on the bus or the train over here?

5. Umm... Spaghetti Eis is amazing and they should have it in NZ.

6. I have had more sparkling water in the past two days than I've ever had in my entire life.

7. Bread. And beer. And meat. And bread. And more meat.

8. My host family has a fantastic memory, apparently. Someone remind me to never get drunk in front of these people ever again.

9. My host dad doesn't speak English at all to me, and this leads to some confusion and lots of laughter. He's an amazing cook though, and OMG I'm probably going to gain 40kgs over here just from living with him.

10. Why do people tip when going to the bathroom?

11. Also, how do people tip over here? WE DON'T DO THIS IN NZ AND IT'S REALLY CONFUSING.

12. If you're someone like me and you get motion-sickness easily, the motorway in Germany is a terrifying place.

13. My host dad also enjoys driving fast.

14. And we might go to Prague this weekend. That's approximately a 2 hour drive. And my host dad is driving. On the motorway. I may or may not come out of this trip alive.

15. "Can we look up German facial hair?" - my flatmate/travel partner literally just asked me this because he wants to grow his beard out. Something is changing here.

16. There are vending machines for cigarettes over here so I'm gonna go ahead and assume anyone at any age can start smoking if they wanted to.

17. Yesterday I had a "Regensburgersemmel", which contained some random white sauce which was strangely hot and spicy and weird and it burnt my nose. I asked my host family what it was and they couldn't tell me. I am suspicious.

18. I am exhausted and happy and everything is lovely.

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