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OH HEY THERE. It has certainly been a while.

So much has happened since my return from Germany, I've been back in NZ for 2 months and now.. only 23 days until Christmas! Which means I'll be seeing my family very, very soon, which makes me happier than you even realize. Summer in NZ and there's not much else I could ask for tbh.

October/November Highs:
1. Finished exams.
2. One of my bestfriends came to visit me for two weeks, which was the bestest thing EVER.
3. Got more regular writing jobs, which makes me insanely lucky.
4. Exploring Christchurch more than I ever have in the 3-4 years that I've been here.
5. Won stuff at the ASPA awards for my column in Canta. That's cool and stuff.
6. Lots and lots of tasty food. My current job is possibly the best job I'll ever have in my entire life.
7. Catching the sunrise with my friends.
8. Getting good grades and shit.
9. Sold a vehicle I thought I would never ever be able to sell. YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA.

October/November Lows:
1. Had to say goodbye to one of my bestfriends.
2. I've been sick and that sucks, I guess.
3. Having to deal with some fucking stupid as shit people.
4. "to be honest, white people get the short end of the stick" - a conversation on racism. You guys have absolutely NO IDEA how bad this convo was, omg.
5. Overly affectionate couples. It's, like, OMG get a room otherwise I'm going to murder the both of you.
6. Flatmates slowly leaving, which means this flat is getting more and more lonely.

Other than that, life has been good, and I can only hope that you've all been having a pretty good time also. Here's to a good December!

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