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Let me start this blog post by apologizing for my absence and also stating that I AM SO FUCKING TIRED. Life is being so exhausting right now (though not necessarily in a bad way).

1. My soon-to-be flatmates and I found a really nice flat after some months of searching. We signed the contract last Sunday and will be moving in at the beginning of next month. I am now very pleased that I only have a suitcase full of things, because it will make the moving process a million times easier than it would have been otherwise. That being said, I will probably need to buy furniture some time soon..

2. Scored a job at the university in the city I will soon live in. Teaching 30 hours a week and spending all of my break-time napping in the teacher's lounge. My first week isn't even over yet and I'm already ready to curl up into a ball and sleep for 100 years.

3. Being a teacher is weird, mostly because I feel adult behavior is expected of me and I really, really don't know what that even means. Like, does this mean I have to be interested in politics now? All my work colleagues are women in their mid-forties who have years of experience and exactly 0% understanding of New Zealand humour.

4. I've got a weird/fancy electronic key that opens all the special doors in the university and an office with my name on it. These must be signs of maturity or something (right?!).

5. A student accidentally called me "Frau Domingo" this afternoon and it was the weirdest thing. I don't think I'll ever get used to it.

6. When the sun comes out over here, it gives me the happiest, warmest, most fuzzy feelings. Goodbye, Winter!

7. Pasta is so easy and cheap to make, but so bad for me and this is a terrible combination.

8. I really need to stop speaking English to all my friends over here, because it really defeats the purpose of living in a foreign country whose native language is not English. However, after teaching English all day and having a brain that is too exhausted to even remember its own name, speaking German is the last thing I want to be doing...

9. I'm clearly missing something over here, because German washing machines don't mix well with me. Do you know how many shirts I've ruined since arriving here? 4 (I have 7). Do you know how many dresses I've ruined? 2 (I have 4). Do you know how many skirts I've shrunk? 2 (I have 3). DO YOU KNOW HOW FRUSTRATING THIS IS?! Like, there are so many fucking settings and I don't understand the symbols are the German words and, seriously, all I want is to have some clean underwear or whatever, but I don't want to risk losing more clothes to the evil sorcery that is the German Washing Machine.

10. On that note.. I'm also terrible at opening doors here. They have different door handles and locks turn different ways and I can never push them hard enough and OMG WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT.

11. They have so many different types of bins for different types of shit and, like, I know it's good for the environment but I just want to throw all my shit in one place and not give a fuck ever about anything ever (this makes me a horrible human being).

12. There is such a thing as Steak Night on Fridays and, honestly, I've had the best luck when it comes to meeting people over here. Friends with (food) benefits are basically unicorns and we must cherish them and let them know how much we care because one day they might be gone and you'll never experience such culinary joy again.

13. German Man doesn't like cheese or avocados and this is some form of blasphemy, is it not? Why did I not know of this sooner and does this mean I have to look forward to a life without avocados (because that is definitely not happening).

14. I'm so fucking exhausted right now that I'm going to end this list, because I can barely keep my eyes open and wow bed looks so amazing right now I think I'm just gonna go okay thanks bye.

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  1. Lol I'm feeling you on point number 9! All my whites have changed colour and are either pale blue or pinkish. I've discovered the solution though! Wash in kalt wasser! It automatically defaults to like 60grad which fucks up all your clothes and when you wash dresses, stretch them out while still wet to avoid shrinkage! =(