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The internet loves cats and apparently now so do I. Except that I don't, I just like these two cats more than other cats because these two cats aren't assholes most of the time anyway. Meet Schani and Freitag, two very acceptable cats.

I really wanted to have been able to post more than this, but as fate would have it, I've been on-again off-again sick for the past two weeks, which has made "living" very un-fun. Because un-fun is now a word, deal with it. Much like being disappointed in Frank Ocean's inability to release his album like he said he would, I am equally disappointed in my body's immune system for failing to be a proper immune system.

To be fair, I haven't really been up to much so there really hasn't been much to write about. I've had things in the works, but very little motivation to finish any of it. I've got a lot of starts and very, very few endings. Being a shitty writer is really hard work, you guys. It requires a lot of self-loathing and extremely harsh self-criticism. I am only being partially sarcastic when I say that.

I'm sick right now, so it's back to bed for me. If any of you feel like coming over to stroke my hair and tell me how great I am, that would be very much appreciated. Hot soup and cuddles are also acceptable. Feel free to do all my chores too, if you feel like it.

Peace out xx

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