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Dear New Zealand,

GUESS WHAT I GOT SICK AGAIN AND IT SUCKED BALLS BUT HEY LET'S STAY POSITIVE. We made it to the quarter finals, that's pretty neat-o, right? Wooohoo, go All Blacks!

I managed to get sick on a Thursday, and though my hopeful little heart hoped that I would be better by the weekend, it was not to be. This meant that I missed out on climbing some fucking mountains, which totally bummed me out. It bummed me out way more than it should've. Felt reaaaally homesick and had a little baby cry in the bathroom of Beard Man's place coz apparently I'm the bitch who reaaaaaaally needs to see some mountains.

Instead, I spent the weekend blowing my nose and being overall super gross which, as you know, is my truly sexiest form. Had some asian food in the viertel, made some asian food, slept a lot. Really not such an eventful week for me. The weather is beginning to get unfairly cold. Like, what the fuck, man. It's only fucking October for crying out loud! How is mother nature justifying this bullshit?!

I'll have you know that taking out my winter coat was taken with a lack of grace and much regret.

Still lovin' ya,

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