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The weather has been so nice lately that I've spent the majority of my afternoons this past week just sitting in the sun keeping my existential crisis at bay. Though the weekend is supposed to be rainy, tomorrow is predicted to be 20 degrees so YAY!.

Haven't really been up to much lately other than reading in the sun and avoiding carbs (arguably the two greatest hobbies ever). Between teaching Business English in the evenings and teaching some cute little German kids in the afternoon, my life has been fairly quiet and calm and thankfully not stressful. Dare I say "life is good"?

A friend and I recently booked a short trip to Scotland, so there's that too. Never been there, though I'm told there's hills and sheep, so it's like the closest thing I'll get to NZ on this side of the planet, which sounds pretty awesome to me. As we kind of booked it on a whim, don't really know what we'll do there, only know that we'll probably get into a bunch of trouble. Verdict is still out on whether or not that's a good thing.



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My often occurring absence can only be explained by my sheer laziness. Also, nothing interesting has really been happening in my life since Christmas/NYE, so I don't have much to talk about in terms of blogging. If you must know the finer details, they are:

- I cut my hair coz I was bored and then I burnt some of it off by accident whilst taking a bath
- the weather is starting to get sunny again
- I'm currently in the process of extending my visa
- I've been doing yoga again and it's so-so
- my Crohn's has come back harder than it ever did last year, so that sucks
- everyone around me is getting dogs except me and I am filled with jealousy
- after a year-long inner battle, I have finally succumbed to buying a water bottle and it is black like my soul

Anyway, last Friday my beautiful creature friends and I went to Hamburg for the day to check out a tattoo exhibition there. It was one of those rare days where the sun was out and we actually went through with doing something that we'd planned on doing, so that was pretty neat. The exhibition itself was much smaller than I first thought, however still pretty cool. I don't really know how else to explain it other than it leaves you with a very strong desire to get tattoos on all kinds of places of your body.

After the exhibition, we decided to take a little trip around the harbour because that's what people in Hamburg do when it's sunny, I guess. You know when you go out and get fresh air and you feel like a proper functioning human adult? I believe that was the effect we were going for and I believe we were semi-successful in our endeavours. Good job, us. The water in Germany is a muddy brown colour. The kind of colour you probably don't want to drink and that doesn't necessarily look refreshing, but it's part of the ocean so you're kinda like yeah, this is nice. So, yeah, it was nice and it reminded me of New Zealand shores in the way that seeing McDonalds might remind you that you're hungry but you have way better food waiting inside your fridge so you decide to bypass it. That was a terrible analogy.

I'm afraid I'm starting to sound like I didn't enjoy myself, but I did! I did! Being around friends is much better than watching Friends on my laptop, so that's a major plus. God, I am bad at this writing thing. What is wrong with me..

In future, I will attempt to be a better blogger and better human. Until next time xo



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I wasn't entirely sure I was going to write this, hence the nearly two week gap between now and New Years. Thing is, 2014 was generally a pretty shitty year, with some pretty cool highs, but some really fucked up lows. 2014 and I are not friends, which is why I have so much hope for 2015 - you can only go up from here. The photos are just a random bunch that I had never posted anywhere before. I have thousands of photos that the internet hasn't seen (which is more out of laziness than lack of generosity with my personal life). I tried to cull the load, otherwise you guys would be here all day, staring at random selfies and unflattering photos of my friends and I. Oh, and photos of food, of course.

ANYWAY.. haven't done one of these in a while...

Highs and Lows of 2014:

1. Was finally able to move to Germany.
2. Found employment in Germany with relative ease and ended up having two extremely lovely boss-ladies.
3. Began writing for Thought Catalog.
4. Made some new seriously awesome friends whose kindness I am still shocked by.
5. Having one of my closest friends from University, who also studied German with me, come visit Germany. Going to Berlin with her for the first time, listening to a lot of Beyonce and watching a lot of The Mindy Project.
6. Any and all new things that my friends here have introduced me to, some of which include: a waffle place, hanuta, the fact that there are English screenings of movies I really want to watch, *insert name of every sweet that New Zealand doesn't have*.
7. Reading more. I read a lot in the years before, but it was always required reading for my English courses, so I was constantly reading something that I didn't necessarily want to read. This year I got to read so much more of the kinds of stuff I actually like.
8. Visiting Spain for the first time with my bestfriend. Also, basically everything that happened there.
9. Visting Tübingen with my friends + Christmas there.
10. Seeing the fireworks with my friends on New Years Eve.

1. The cluster-fuck that is trying to get your Tax Code here in Germany. For reference, it takes about 1-2 weeks to organise something like that in New Zealand. Here in Germany it took almost three months (do not even get me started on the paper work..).
2. Any and all racist encounters I've had to experience.
3. One very stressful relationship, the worst kind of breakup, followed by an attempt at friendship, and consequently ending in a very shitty, bitter fuck-off-forever type thing.
4. Missing out on the usual family things that happen at the end of the year like my sister's birthday, Christmas, New Years, etc.
5. Any and all moments of intense self-doubt, self-harm and self-loathing that happened far more frequently than they should've.
6. The period between April - March in which I received explicitly detailed death threats daily.
7. Any and all moments in which I craved a Captain Ben's Chicken Burger and realised that I couldn't have one. Same goes for his Chocolate Explosion Donuts (typing that is painful, because the cravings are intense).
8. Homesickness. Missing my friends, wondering when I'll see them again.



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Did you know that athletes are supposed to reach their prime when they hit the age of 23? Well, now you know.

I also want you all to know that my hangover today is a potent mix of physical pain and memory loss. It's nice to know that I'm going to spend my prime years like this. Twenty-three is a weird age. It's like the puberty of your 20s, which is gross.

Yesterday was my birthday and I turned twenty-three and it doesn't really feel like I'm older or wiser or more mature in anyway other than physically (which is arguable, because I'm still waiting on my boobs to grow #asianproblems). Spent the morning of my birthday skyping my younger sister in Australia for 3 hours then took another 2 hours before I had finally cleaned myself up to an acceptable state. I hadn't really planned anything major, because all I really wanted was to spend some time with the people who matter to me - and here in Germany, those people are few, which makes them extra awesome.

Had dinner at some burger place that no one had been to before and left very disappointed in myself for not being able to finish an entire burger. Even now, I can hear my mother's voice, "but there are children in Africa who are starving, Macy!". Some guilt never dies!

We played Circle of Death and Fluffy Bunnies back at our flat, and I am pleased to announce that I still reign supreme in Fluffy Bunnies (nine, motherfucker, nine!) and, after over a year without my beloved Circle of Death (New Zealand, I miss you), I still suck at it, but at least not quite as bad as my German flatmate does.

After the second round of Circle of Death, my memory gets a bit blurry, but I remember having lots of fun and laughing a lot and magically finding myself in my own bed at 6am. Dance parties and cake might've been involved sometime after 3am, and I am still too scared to check my phone for the damage Drunk-Macy is sure to have made, but whatever, my birthday was fucking awesome and I'm happy. Hungover, but happy.



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It's been snowing for the past 3-4 days here in Tübingen and it really does look so beautiful. I know it sounds cheesy to describe this place as a "winter wonderland", but my god, it just is. I wish I could've been so lucky as to have grown up with Winters like this.

Went out with Felix, Lukas and Florian this afternoon to go sledding one last time before Felix, Lukas and I have to head back to Bremen (which apparently has also seen snow today). As tiring as it can be to walk up a hill in full winter gear, sledding is so much fucking fun omg can I please do it whenever I want all year round?. Admittedly I'm not very good at it, but practice makes perfect I suppose and I haven't had half as much practice as these Germans have. The first time I ever went sledding was with my host sister in Bavaria and that afternoon ended with the side of my face being completely scraped off by some rocks that were waiting for me at the bottom of our hill. I looked like a zombie for about a week and a half. This time, however, I managed to stay relatively safe and only came home with one freezing butt and some very cold fingers.

After warming ourselves up a bit and drying off, we headed into the city for some food and to meet up with some of Felix and Lukas' friends. Had some food, drank some drinks, enjoyed Tübingen for one last evening. Had a few more drinks back home and played some Dominion, which was way more fun than I thought it would be. The entire day was really pleasant and I'm glad we were able to enjoy their hometown together one last time before the New Year.

Tomorrow we head back to Bremen, to my own bed, to my friends whose ridiculousness I have been missing a little bit. Tübingen was great, better than expected, but home is pretty good too.

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