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The internet loves cats and apparently now so do I. Except that I don't, I just like these two cats more than other cats because these two cats aren't assholes most of the time anyway. Meet Schani and Freitag, two very acceptable cats.

I really wanted to have been able to post more than this, but as fate would have it, I've been on-again off-again sick for the past two weeks, which has made "living" very un-fun. Because un-fun is now a word, deal with it. Much like being disappointed in Frank Ocean's inability to release his album like he said he would, I am equally disappointed in my body's immune system for failing to be a proper immune system.

To be fair, I haven't really been up to much so there really hasn't been much to write about. I've had things in the works, but very little motivation to finish any of it. I've got a lot of starts and very, very few endings. Being a shitty writer is really hard work, you guys. It requires a lot of self-loathing and extremely harsh self-criticism. I am only being partially sarcastic when I say that.

I'm sick right now, so it's back to bed for me. If any of you feel like coming over to stroke my hair and tell me how great I am, that would be very much appreciated. Hot soup and cuddles are also acceptable. Feel free to do all my chores too, if you feel like it.

Peace out xx



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Nostalgia Monday, am I right?

Thankfully Mondays are super duper chill for me so I decided to finally go through some of my holiday photos from last year and edit through all the random DSLR selfies (very not easy) and photos of food to bring you a relatively-okay blog post. There are a bunch more of these, so stay tuned.

These here are some photos from when my bfffffffffff and I went to Mallorca and Barcelona for a bit. Much sun, much awesome.

For those of you who have contacted me, I will get back to you ASAP! Life is being all life-like and I'm having to be a proper adult human and deal with it all. If I have mailed back in 2 weeks, feel free to send me a passive aggressive email reminding me to get my ass into gear and get shit done.

Much love,
Macy x



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Recently got back from a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland with a good friend of mine. We had booked the trip a few weeks before leaving on somewhat of a whim, because I had been told Edinburgh was particularly awesome, I'd never been to Scotland and my friend had lived in Scotland for some time when he was still a teenager.

I didn't have any particular expectations of what Edinburgh might be like but, omg, can I just say that I'm really bad at understanding the Scottish accent?! The night of our arrival, we got some cheap as fish and chips from a place near to our hostel and I had to get a friend to translate what the hell the employee was saying to me..! For the record, my friend is German and my native language is English so...

Edinburgh Highs:
1. Everything is pretty and the people are friendly.
2. Our hostel was the greatest hostel ever (Belford Hostel, West End)
4. The weather was surprisingly pleasant
5. Scottish guys and their accents are so unnecessarily attractive.
6. Edinburgh itself isn't a particularly large city, so if you want to save money, everything is basically walking distance.
7. We decided to do one of those spooky underground city tours, and our tour guide Sam was the actual bees knees.
8. Many parts of the city reminded me of home. Wellington might just be a tad windier than Edinburgh.
9. My friend and I got more tattoos.
10. Teaching some American tourists how to correctly use the phrases, "I lost my shit" and "getting on the piss". A very amusing and educational experience indeed.

Edinburgh Lows:
1. The conversion rate fucking sucks.
2. My god there are lots of Australians there
3. Got a bit too drunk on one of the nights (trying to force yourself to throw up in a kebab shop because the alcohol is attacking your soul, maybe?), but thankfully had my friend to watch over me and make sure I got into bed safe and sound.



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The weather has been so nice lately that I've spent the majority of my afternoons this past week just sitting in the sun keeping my existential crisis at bay. Though the weekend is supposed to be rainy, tomorrow is predicted to be 20 degrees so YAY!.

Haven't really been up to much lately other than reading in the sun and avoiding carbs (arguably the two greatest hobbies ever). Between teaching Business English in the evenings and teaching some cute little German kids in the afternoon, my life has been fairly quiet and calm and thankfully not stressful. Dare I say "life is good"?

A friend and I recently booked a short trip to Scotland, so there's that too. Never been there, though I'm told there's hills and sheep, so it's like the closest thing I'll get to NZ on this side of the planet, which sounds pretty awesome to me. As we kind of booked it on a whim, don't really know what we'll do there, only know that we'll probably get into a bunch of trouble. Verdict is still out on whether or not that's a good thing.



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My often occurring absence can only be explained by my sheer laziness. Also, nothing interesting has really been happening in my life since Christmas/NYE, so I don't have much to talk about in terms of blogging. If you must know the finer details, they are:

- I cut my hair coz I was bored and then I burnt some of it off by accident whilst taking a bath
- the weather is starting to get sunny again
- I'm currently in the process of extending my visa
- I've been doing yoga again and it's so-so
- my Crohn's has come back harder than it ever did last year, so that sucks
- everyone around me is getting dogs except me and I am filled with jealousy
- after a year-long inner battle, I have finally succumbed to buying a water bottle and it is black like my soul

Anyway, last Friday my beautiful creature friends and I went to Hamburg for the day to check out a tattoo exhibition there. It was one of those rare days where the sun was out and we actually went through with doing something that we'd planned on doing, so that was pretty neat. The exhibition itself was much smaller than I first thought, however still pretty cool. I don't really know how else to explain it other than it leaves you with a very strong desire to get tattoos on all kinds of places of your body.

After the exhibition, we decided to take a little trip around the harbour because that's what people in Hamburg do when it's sunny, I guess. You know when you go out and get fresh air and you feel like a proper functioning human adult? I believe that was the effect we were going for and I believe we were semi-successful in our endeavours. Good job, us. The water in Germany is a muddy brown colour. The kind of colour you probably don't want to drink and that doesn't necessarily look refreshing, but it's part of the ocean so you're kinda like yeah, this is nice. So, yeah, it was nice and it reminded me of New Zealand shores in the way that seeing McDonalds might remind you that you're hungry but you have way better food waiting inside your fridge so you decide to bypass it. That was a terrible analogy.

I'm afraid I'm starting to sound like I didn't enjoy myself, but I did! I did! Being around friends is much better than watching Friends on my laptop, so that's a major plus. God, I am bad at this writing thing. What is wrong with me..

In future, I will attempt to be a better blogger and better human. Until next time xo