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moin! (translation: northern german greeting meaning "hey/hi" but sounds suspiciously too similar to the English "groin" and therefore not in use in my day-to-day life)

I hope you've all managed to enjoy your week and that your weekend was wonderful. Unfortunately, I was sick basically all week and was stuck inside with my crohns for far too long, which left mentally a bit weird and agitated. However, prior to being sick, I had managed to convince some friends to go camping this weekend and really didn't want to back out due to some dumb illness.

Grateful for the suggestion of a friend, three of us headed to Harriersand about 45 minutes outside of Bremen to find a camping spot and set our tents up before the others would arrive later that evening. Though the weather wasn't quite as warm as we thought it might be, the wind and clouds didn't hinder us from finding a neat little camping spot directly on the beach.

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The other three arrived before 11pm and by then the three of us who had arrived early had a fire going and had eaten our dinner. The rest of the night was spent playing Black Stories (a new 'card' game to me involving guessing how fictional people died, aka very awesome), drinking and stoking the fire from time to time.

The tent set up was super comfy and I had a great sleep due to already being very tired by the time I crawled into bed. We slept in til about midday and managed to re-light the camp fire with very little effort as the embers were still glowing from the night before. Breakfast was sausages and toast and eggs and sitting in the sun without having to worry about what to do next. Deeply relaxing and far nicer than I had anticipated.

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While I talked and ate fruit with Dana and Lisa, the guys were busy building and gathering all the tools to start a fire Bear Grylls style. I can say only that the girls were skeptical after several hours of watching this project and seeing no success. However, we were happily proven wrong when tada! FIRE! I can't say how long it might've taken the guys to get a fire going from scratch, but it was nevertheless very entertaining and marvellously successful.

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And here's one group photo to top it all off. Hurrah for a fantastic weekend!

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Happy Monday again! See this? This is called consistency, which has been a foreign concept to me since I first started blogging.

As I mentioned in my last post, I spent a few days sunny days in Celle. The Friday after the kayaking trip, we had a slow morning with some attempts at fishing and lazily lying in the sun. At around 5ish we went to Rio's (which I'm told is the only worthwhile bar in Celle) to start setting up for some sort of welcome-back party for one of Chris' friends who had recently come back from having spent a year in Australia.

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To be honest, I can't quite remember what happened between setting up and actually going to the party, but I assume I took a nap. The party itself was relatively low-key, and I assume this is because everyone who was invited was so tired from the kayaking the day before that they were unable to get back into party mode. That, or everyone was suffering from extreme sunburn. Nevertheless, it was nice to spend time with good people. At one stage I believe I contemplated taking a nap in the bathroom upstairs, but decided against it because that has become a far too common occurrence in my party life #grandmaforever

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The next morning we all met up again to have breakfast at Rio's, which I can only describe as being the best breakfast I've ever been served at a bar (okay, it's a cafe too, but still). Excuse me, is that a full on salad you made me? EXCUSE ME IS THAT FRESHLY SQUEEZED ORANGE JUICE?! Maybe I'm easily pleased (name of my sex tape), but it was a really nice breakfast and, again, with really lovely people.

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Hey there, Monday!!

Fortunately for me, my Monday has been extremely chill and lazy. After such a hectic (but very fun) week, I'm glad to not have to do anything and have a chance to stay inside and be the lazy chipmunk that I am. Since my Monday has been uneventful, let's have a look at the first part of my crazy week:

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Drove to Celle with Chris on Wednesday evening in order to have ourselves a quiet night before the craziness that would be father's day. Father's day in Germany appears to be an excuse for people to get drunk, or so I've been told. We got up bright and early Thursday morning and met up with some friends before heading to Allerleih (I hope I've remembered that correctly..), which is basically a boat house owned by two really lovely Celle folk/friends who are totally okay with a bunch of hooligans getting drunk up and down the river. Luckily for us, the weather was fucking gorgeous and the company superb. It was my first time experiencing the annual father's day kayak trip and I think I can say that it was a success. I even managed to finally get a tan!! HALLELUJAH.

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As you can see, there really was quite a large group of us and I can honestly say that everyone I met that day was so lovely to me, it was a true pleasure to be acquainted with them all. We got back to our friend's place pretty late and ended the night tired, sunburnt, but with some bigass pizzas bigger than the size of my head.

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The next morning, a few of us met up for some epic breakfast time. Pancakes, candied bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs = awesomeness. What a way to cure a hangover.

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The last few days, we visited the water sporadically, whenever we had time, and it was always equally as fun and relaxing.

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A huge thanks to everyone who made our stay in Celle the best time ever!



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Dear New Zealand,

Last weekend was really lovely for several reasons, the first being that my boyfriend came back from a two week trip to Thailand (but UGH he's now as tan as I am? AND I WAS BORN THIS COLOUR WTF) and the second being that we spent some time wandering the woods just outside of Bremen with his brother and his brother's girlfriend. It was nice being out of the city again and into a quiet space full of greenery. You know, the kind of quiet where you could hypothetically murder someone and not get caught for a couple of days. Yeah, that kind of quiet. Overall, it was a surprisingly relaxing, pleasant weekend adventure with wonderful people.

On a slightly less awesome note, my friend got hit by a truck and is very much alive but, goddamn, she nearly gave me a heart attack jfc.

Today is a sunny day and I think I might go enjoy the rest of it whilst I still have time before work. I hope you have all been well and continue to be the lovely hobbits I know you all to be.

With love,