The weather this past week in Bremen has been fan-fucking-tastic! I even managed to get a bit of a tan, which hopefully will last me throughout those long German winters.

After Chris finished his early shift on Tuesday, we went to the hochschule park by my place with my friend Judith and soaked in the sunshine - he napped, I tanned, everyone was happy.

 photo mj2_zpse1omoc1g.jpg

On Wednesday the weather was yet again perfectly summery and we decided to have a bit of a spontaneous picnic by the new park/skatepark that we had discovered last week. I tried this new weirdass banana flavoured Mio Mate, which was actually pretty good!

 photo mj3_zpsyk3udmpj.jpg

Chris was able to skate some more too, which is always nice. The park got relatively empty as we had stayed much later than we expected. Had the whole park to ourselves and watched the lightning show, which was expectedly beautiful. It did begin to rain later in the evening, so we had to take shelter in one small section of the skatepark, but that was pretty great in its own way too. Listened to Jimmy Eat World and Wheatus, perfectly proving that we're probably going through some sort of quarter life crisis.

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 photo mj6_zps3hrcgfqh.jpg
 photo mj7_zpsbfcnmidz.jpg


 photo mj8_zpsvf3m5hqs.jpg

We first headed to Eicklingen, where Chris is from, to quickly have some tea and cake with his dad. I baked a pavlova for the occasion, because you can't really beat a good pavlova in the Summer time. His dad loved it, thankfully!

 photo ribs1_zpsnk9pdnap.jpg

For the BBQ at our friend Lucas' place, Chris made his signature spareribs, Lucas made his signature jerk chicken and Nane made some kickass lava cakes with strawberries and ice-cream. A whole evening of preparation resulted in an entire evening of food, drinks, sore bellies and lots of fun.

 photo nane_zpswhtuqsbu.gif

Nane clearly enjoying the first taste of spareribs for the evening. Honestly, so fucking delicious.

 photo mj9_zpst0kbaxit.jpg
 photo mj12_zpssmigz43g.jpg
 photo mj10_zpscg2msmjs.jpg
 photo mj13_zpsewxmbmow.jpg
 photo mj11_zpsyk50i2ef.jpg

Last night's feast was incredibly good and I can't believe the amount of food I ate. We all probably ate way more than our bodies could handle, because at some stage during the evening, I woke up from my food coma to find everyone else also going through their food comas. Food comas and food babies make for some very happy young adults.

Happy Saturday to you all, I hope you have a fantastic weekend!



I've been thinking about the direction of my blog and my writing lately, as I find it pretty difficult to stay inspired compared to my university days, where I was exposed to so many experiences and so many people in such a condensed amount of time. You wouldn't believe the amount of content I have backed up on my laptop, whether that be unedited photos, unpublished articles or unfinished writing ideas. If my editor were anymore of a monster, I wouldn't have a writing job at all, so I consider myself lucky. For whatever reason, I find my writing changing and I'm not sure if that's for the better or not, but I figured the only way to get better is to force myself to do it. Hopefully from now on this blog will be more active and I'll find myself slowly pulling inspiration and experiences from the people and things around me. The world is full of things, after all. Just gotta keep an open eye out.

(If you're wondering, I've also been listening to Joy Division, Morrissey and Frank Ocean for the past 3 hours, so that probably helps)

Breminale ended this past weekend, much to the dismay of the often quiet city of Bremen. For those of you who are not sure, Breminale is some sort of music/food festival that happens every year in Bremen at the Osterdeich, which is by the river. Chris and I went on the Thursday evening that my friend Preet left, because the weather was actually good. I'm talking no rain, no wind, no worries. We went there to see a couple of rappers that Chris knew about and it was all very new to me, but the people were happy and live music is always pretty great, when you can have it. I'm not an expert in German rap, so I'm not going to try and review it, but I can only say that I personally enjoyed the evening.

 photo collage2_zpsn3qfg0ra.jpg
 photo wc4_zpswtifmnp0.jpg
 photo collage5_zpshzn6bx96.jpg

random life update: I have the biggest motherfucking mouth ulcer on the side of my tongue and I can't speak or eat properly and it is annoying the fucking shiiiiiit outta me, you would not believe it.

 photo collage3_zpsthhr5cu6.jpg

Some weeks ago on the way back from work, I took the wrong bus and ended up driving through an unfamiliar part of Bremen and came across some newly built public spaces which looked pretty cool. I had the mind to take note of it and a couple of days ago, Chris and I drove there because it was warm outside and it was something interesting to do. We went to a new skatepark and walked around the neighbourhood, which was some kind of strange utopian movie set basically in the not-so-far corners of Bremen. Honestly, you walk around and it's nothing like how you imagine Bremen to be. Very strange, but still very cool in its own way. If you're around, I highly suggest visiting the place because there's lots of sunshine, lots of green and hardly anyone there. For those of you who have kids, there's also a playground.

 photo wc1_zps3ofghawr.jpg
 photo collage1_zps7qzpix0a.jpg
 photo wc2_zpsqgzutkcr.jpg

We've actually visited the place two days in a row because we enjoyed it so much. Next time there's a sunny day, I highly recommend you going there.

 photo wc3_zpsfrt1qnhl.jpg

Til next time, loves.

p.s I know that this blogpost is aesthetically pretty different from my usual, but we're trying new directions here folks in an attempt to stay relevant. Bear with me!

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before I begin, can we all just take a moment to appreciate this fish? Yes. Thank you.

 photo fh1_zpsbjt3aqml.jpg
 photo fh2_zpseqvoksmm.jpg

A few weeks back, Chris' good friend Holly (or Helge, more officially) came to visit Bremen with another one of our friend's Lucas as he's headed back to Australia (that's Holly, not Lucas. Lucas is staying in Germany) at the end of this month and therefore we won't see him for a year or so. It's always nice to have friend's visit, though I must admit that I sometimes struggle to find things to show them in Bremen as it's not exactly the most lively city. It's a lovely city, just not always so bright-eyed-awake, ya know?

As per usual, we went to Rock & Wurst (arguably the best burger place in town) and stayed there for a wee while before heading to Tim's place, not too far from there. As I remember, it was a Tuesday night and the weather wasn't that fantastic, so our options were limited in terms of things to do and places to see. In the end, we had some beers, walked around the Viertel a bit and ended up at Chris' place where the guys played some fifa.

OH! Our friend Lucas also got my drawing tattooed onto his body, which is pretty insane. It's nice to know that even if he ends up hating me, he'll have to remember me FOREVER <3 Both Lucas and Holly stayed overnight and the next morning Lucas and I cooked up a big breakfast courtesy of Chris' kitchen. ALL THE MAPLE SYRUP IN ALL THE PLACES. Breakfast food is undeniably the best kind of food.

 photo fh4_zpsxqms9j2f.jpg
 photo fh3_zpskxzush2t.jpg
 photo fh5_zpshutow8fl.jpg
 photo fh6_zpsgkjvj2p4.jpg
 photo fh7_zpsow1yms4p.jpg

Last week my good friend Preet from New Zealand came to visit me as she's a wildly talented woman who presented her thesis at a conference in Paris. All the women in my life are insanely wonderful and talented and I'm lucky enough to rub shoulders with them from time to time. She was only in Bremen for a couple of days due to having very limited time in Europe. The day she arrived in Bremen was actually the day she finally handed in her Master thesis (woohoo!) so I took her to Cafe Knigge in the city and treated her to tea and cake and we had a long chat about basically everything I've missed out on since leaving NZ. It was a really great way to start off our day and because Bremen's main attractions are relatively close to one another, I was able to show her everything in one afternoon. In the evening we went to Louie & Jules, another relatively good burger place near the Schlachte in Bremen. If you go there, I highly recommend the pastrami burger!

 photo fh8_zpsvtvvzt10.jpg
 photo fh9_zpsnfova9k6.jpg
 photo fh15_zpsc0ts5a6v.jpg
 photo fh16_zpsgc8p0fbn.jpg
 photo fh10_zpsp3erzcxh.jpg
 photo fh12_zpsgmfnicjs.jpg

The next day, we drove with Chris to Hamburg to brave the rainy weather. For Summer weather, it was really shit, but the rain wasn't persistent and after an hour or two, we were able to walk around rain-free, which was pretty fantastic. Due to the sheer size of Hamburg, we didn't get to see everything, but it was still such a fantastic day with lots of exploring and shopping and great food. We topped off the day with dinner at a great Italian place (Teolino in the Sternschanze area, roughly) and an unexpected fountain display/concert in the Botanical Gardens.

 photo fh17_zpstn9danna.jpg
 photo fh11_zpszfijfgut.jpg
 photo fh14_zpsr0kxn5ru.jpg
 photo fh18_zps91g9pvz5.jpg
 photo fh19_zpsoyxvmulb.jpg

All in all, the two short days that Preet was here were wonderful and relaxing and like a mini holiday for me also. I'm pretty lucky that although I live on the other side of the world, many of my close friends still manage to visit me and it would be an understatement to say I'm grateful.



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 photo hs2_zpsi3gd3qfm.jpg

moin! (translation: northern german greeting meaning "hey/hi" but sounds suspiciously too similar to the English "groin" and therefore not in use in my day-to-day life)

I hope you've all managed to enjoy your week and that your weekend was wonderful. Unfortunately, I was sick basically all week and was stuck inside with my crohns for far too long, which left mentally a bit weird and agitated. However, prior to being sick, I had managed to convince some friends to go camping this weekend and really didn't want to back out due to some dumb illness.

Grateful for the suggestion of a friend, three of us headed to Harriersand about 45 minutes outside of Bremen to find a camping spot and set our tents up before the others would arrive later that evening. Though the weather wasn't quite as warm as we thought it might be, the wind and clouds didn't hinder us from finding a neat little camping spot directly on the beach.

 photo hs3_zpsbtvxbgwr.jpg
 photo hs4_zpsriziuyhf.jpg
 photo hs5_zps88w7sxrd.jpg
 photo hs6_zps47kxcfkq.jpg

The other three arrived before 11pm and by then the three of us who had arrived early had a fire going and had eaten our dinner. The rest of the night was spent playing Black Stories (a new 'card' game to me involving guessing how fictional people died, aka very awesome), drinking and stoking the fire from time to time.

The tent set up was super comfy and I had a great sleep due to already being very tired by the time I crawled into bed. We slept in til about midday and managed to re-light the camp fire with very little effort as the embers were still glowing from the night before. Breakfast was sausages and toast and eggs and sitting in the sun without having to worry about what to do next. Deeply relaxing and far nicer than I had anticipated.

 photo hs7_zpshlauz2br.jpg
 photo hs8_zpsdeippmjy.jpg
 photo hs9_zpsgiu6pl5d.jpg
 photo hs10_zpssy1xvrch.jpg
 photo hs11_zps2rrbjj1k.jpg

While I talked and ate fruit with Dana and Lisa, the guys were busy building and gathering all the tools to start a fire Bear Grylls style. I can say only that the girls were skeptical after several hours of watching this project and seeing no success. However, we were happily proven wrong when tada! FIRE! I can't say how long it might've taken the guys to get a fire going from scratch, but it was nevertheless very entertaining and marvellously successful.

 photo hs12_zpsjcohg445.jpg
 photo hs13_zpsf8vrstc4.jpg

And here's one group photo to top it all off. Hurrah for a fantastic weekend!

 photo hs14_zps4uhg3vmg.jpg