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Look how far we've made it, you guys. Another year already, and last year felt to have flown by before I could take a moment to catch myself. My 2015 was exponentially better than my 2014, and I'm hoping this year will follow suit. I don't have a whole lot of hopes for 2016, though I would like to say that I only hope it is a good one. For all of us.

Highlights of 2015:
1. The French visiting us here in little ol' Bremen.
2. Visiting Edinburgh and Prague for the first time with my friend Josh. Really awesome cities, really badass experiences.
3. Revisiting London (w/ Matti), Barcelona (w/ Chris) and Vienna (w/ Anton).
4. Visiting my beautiful marshmallow Sandra in London and having her visit me here in Bremen.
5. Reading more books than I did in 2014.
6. Teaching my first group of primary school kids.
7. Meeting a whole bunch of new and wonderful people. Greetings, humans!
8. Rock & Wurst in Bremen, am I right or am I right?
9. All the postcards I received from friends overseas. Always a sure way to brighten my day.
10. I started drawing again, which is pretty cool.
11. Going for a poop da whoop date, walking around Bremen at night, talking about all the things.
12. Partying with "all the single ladies" and then happening to meet Harry, who then serenaded us as the sun began to rise again. It was quite a night.
13. Christmas in Celle. Good food. And there was a castle, guys. *Darth Vader though, am I right or am I right?!
14. NYE in Holland. Great people. Chill times.
15. Post-Christmas-Christmas with two cool cats who made being back in Bremen feel 1000000% better.

Lows of 2015:
1. That one time I didn't get a tram ticket and got caught only to discover that the price for not having a ticket had changed from 40euros to 60euros. WHAT THE HELL, MAN.
2. Crazy Jehovah's Witness people not getting the fuck outta my face. FUCK YOU GUYS. FUUUUUCK YOUUUUUUU.
3. Not seeing my family. Again.
4. My panic attacks and anxiety getting the best of me more often than I would've expected/liked.

All in all, looking at my lists now, I think I can safely say that 2015 was much more successful than I had initially thought. Well, thank fuck for that. I hope you all also had a fruitful 2k15 and that this year is as wonderful as you all are.

2016. Let's do this.



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Seasons greetings my wonderful readers. Can you believe how fast this year went? I can't. I've done exactly 0% of my Christmas shopping, which is pretty pathetic considering how few presents I actually need to get together. I will likely spend Christmas alone this year, which makes some of the wonder and joy of Christmas fade a bit. When I jokingly tell my students that I'll be spending Christmas drunk, alone while watching DVDs, they look at me like I'm a sad, lost creature. I suppose I am in some ways *laugh cry*.

BUT DO YOU KNOW WHAT WAS SUPER DUPER AWESOME?! My beautiful, ball-of-wonder came to visit me from London so she could check out the infamous "Weihnachtsmarkt" (English: Christmas market) that most, if not all, German cities have to offer. She arrived last Saturday morning and left Monday evening, so though it was short trip, it was really, really, really comforting to have her around. I've seen her more in the past two years than I have my own family (Sandra: 3, Family: 0).

We started off by having a long German breakfast complete with bacon and eggs, because bacon and eggs, right?! Then, while zee Germans rested a bit at home, we went out for a walk in the fresh air, if only to keep us awake long enough to go to the Christmas market that evening.

We ended up napping before the Christmas market too, but potato potato (you fucking know what I mean, don't be a smartass).

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During her stay, we went to the Christmas market every single day, having my friend try as many German foods as her stomach could fit. She is small, but she is but fierce (when it comes to eating food). She'd impress most grown men in that respect, I promise you. Things she tried include, but are not limited to: kräutersteak, schmalzkuchen, quarkballe, bratwurst.

To be fair, we mainly just walked around and ate food, as Bremen is not that big a city and she had already seen everything last year when she came to visit. I think my favourite part about having her around was basking in her wonderful, cute glory. And now that she's gone, Germany feels slightly less magical. Still magical, but a little less now ;)

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My students now cheekily ask me how I'm liking being back in Bremen due to the "wonderful weather", to which I reply with a grumble and maybe a snarky comment. It's awful, I'm surrounded by a pack of smartasses. I've raised a group of monsters, I tell ya. In all seriousness, I'm not cut out for this weather. The cold is SO PAINFUL, I feel like crying most of the time. Why did I choose Germany? Why not a warm, tropical place? Why not a country with endless Summers and mildly warm Winters? It's because I'm a masochist, probably.

Gaaaaawd, why did I even leave Barcelona.

The Gothic Quarter of Barcelona is, from memory, a hub of narrow streets and an eclectic mix of stores offering anything from creepy dolls (WHY EVEN WOULD YOU THOUGH) to fine crafted jewellery and food. It's quite possibly one of my favourite parts of Barcelona, if only because I get the feeling there's always something new to discover, which makes walking through its veins of streets somewhat of an adventure. We ended up having dinner there on our second night and the food was so awesome I could've gone full Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally - I'll have what she's having.

On the third day we made the journey to Park Güell, because I felt it was something worth seeing another time. The first time I visited the place was with my main bitch, Leah. It was hot and we foolishly took the hard way there (name of *your* sextape!!!!), climbing up a steep hill, sweating in the 30 degree heat. This time around was so much easier, having taken the correct route on the underground and also having not one, but two complete strangers helping us out, directing us in the direction of the ever popular Park. How lovely were the Barcelona people to us two tourists? Very. As expected, the view was again awesome and I think I preferred this time better than the last, if only for the lack of tourists there. It was a lot less stressful and a lot more leisurely.

After that, we headed towards the city again, but I'll leave that story for another time. Ciao ciao, my loves.

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