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My mornings are looking a lot nicer these days. Slowly getting used to that 7:30am alarm. Heading to work with my flatmate is something to look forward to - we're both so sleepy together on that early morning tram, and there's something sweetly comforting in that.

I'm alone in our flat for an entire week because my bastard flatmates have decided to ditch me for a music festival in Poland. I managed to finish all my work for the next 2 days, so now I have nothing to do and I'm kind of bored. Walking up and down stairs in only my underwear, because who the hell will see me anyway. Listening to the same song over and over and over again, because it's been stuck in my head for days and I can't get it out. So, yeah, that's my life right now. Quiet, cold, but still pleasant.

One of my bestfriends is coming to visit me in 34 days. It's her first time out of New Zealand. I'm scared she'll go missing along the way, but I'm super excited to see her. Honestly, every time I've been going through a rough time, seeing her makes it better. She just makes life good, ya know? I can't wait. Thirty-four days.

Every time my flatmates leave me for an extended period of time, they bring me back something. So far, they've brought me back plants, a bear, Dirty Dancing in German and, now, a 3D globe puzzle. I realise that they must think of me from time to time, in a, "hey! Macy might like that" kind of way. My flatmates make life less lonely, it's nice.

Honestly, I don't really know what I'm saying here. Life was good to me today, thank God.



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My flatmate tells me that it's supposed to still be Summer, and he says supposed to, because the past few days have been chilly and there's rain outside our windows every second afternoon.

I teach morning classes now, which means I've been getting less sleep than usual and find myself napping far too often during the day. In class, my students do their work and laugh to themselves when I accidentally say, "shit" or "fuck" or "goddamnit". Sometimes I daydream about home - wonder what my friends and family are doing, tell myself that I should write them, but never actually get around to it. So, hey! If you're reading this, I miss you guys, life is different and strange without you all. One of my students asks too many questions, and while I shouldn't hold this against her (she's only trying to learn, after all), my tired brain can't deal with it. I get the feeling she doesn't like to be wrong, and she's wrong a lot.

Come September, I'll be even busier teaching intensive and regular courses at the university. I'll be teaching kindergarten children four times a week, too. I'm told I need to sing songs to them and read them books.

My private students are much older than me, and sometimes I feel out of place, like, "how on earth is it that I'm teaching you?" I have one student, let's call him "M", who I see twice a week in the evenings and I think I must be some kind of makeshift therapist to him, because he spends the first half of the lesson telling me about how busy work is, how stressed he is, how he never gets a break. These rants used to be weird to me, but now I've come to enjoy them, because his English is getting better - he knows the words "subordinates", "executives", "responsibilities" now. He didn't know those words before.

I've also made a new friend. We watch tv shows together and talk about random shit. It's nice and, after a stressful and/or busy day, we can chill out and talk and it helps me forget about all the stuff that worries me. Last night we watched Miranda (a British comedy series) and laughed so much that my laughter sounded like crying to my flatmate in the other room.

This weather makes me feel like cuddling and laughing and not getting out of bed til after 1pm. But, ya know, life needs to be lived or whatever.

Hope you have all been well. If not, you know how to reach me.



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My Summer is a Summer of changes and adjustments and cloudy days with overbearing heat and cigarettes and sunbathing and friends who force you to love the things you hate. We've been growing tomatoes at our flat and, although I don't like eating tomatoes, it's fun to see them grow. My hair is so long now, I'm constantly trying to decide whether or not I should cut it or keep it, because it gets so hot some days that having long hair becomes some sort of self-imposed torture.

My Summer has been a Summer to remember, but not so much a Summer to write about. I'll probably look back on it when I'm older and laugh (because that's what old people do when they think about past Summers, right?).

I hope you have all been well. I hope you are happy and grateful.



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If you haven't already heard, Germany has tonight won the 2014 FIFA World Cup and Germans everywhere are losing their shit (which explains my blurry photos. Germans get really jumpy when they're happy). Despite the rain, everyone over here is celebrating. Many people are probably gonna be getting laid tonight. Hell, I might even get laid tonight. It's a win-win situation. Unless Argentina was your team, in which case TOOOOOOO BAD YOU LOST (that was in poor taste, wasn't it?).

Congratulations, Germany (and for that matter, well done Argentina too). Germany played well and finally made Joachim Löw smile, which I imagine isn't the easiest thing to do. WORLD CHAAAAMPIIIIIIONS.

Also, I hope Schweinsteiger's face gets better. He almost looks like someone who could play rugby now, almost.



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Sooooooo it's been a while, hasn't it? In between trying to figure out how to be a semi-flourishing and functioning immigrant and sleeping, I totally neglected my little space on the internet. Unless, of course, you've taken the time to stalk me on twitter and/or instagram, where I am still fully alive and endlessly annoying.

Updates? Well, one of my closest friends from all the way in New Zealand has come to visit me here in Germany, which is delightful, magical, entertaining, etc, etc. We decided to meet up in Berlin and stay there for a few days before heading back to the city that I currently lurk. It was our first time ever being in Berlin, and there were far too many things to try and fit into such a short amount of time. All the Germans who told me you could do Berlin in 2 days are filthy liars and they should be 100% ashamed of themselves.

While I'm not adverse to exploring, eating and taking obnoxious tourist photos, after Berlin I'm very sure of the fact that I very much dislike being a hardcore tourist. My feet! My poor, poor feet! The walking alone was enough to make me want to cry and when you're tired, the normally beautiful sights tend to look less and less appealing. That being said, Berlin was fun. I probably would have enjoyed having a more chilled out time there with my touristy-to-do-list spread out across several days, but complaining is unattractive (and I'm very good at it), so let's just say that Berlin was bigger than I expected, more surprising than I thought and as promising as I had wanted it to be.

For those of you who haven't yet seen it, I vlogged the whole thing: